What are the advantages of using a recruitment agency?

  1. Quality job candidates may not reply to job ads. Most of them simply don’t have the time to scan newspapers or apply to individual ads. Also, most of the time they are not actively looking for work when the ads come out. It is common knowledge too that a lot of appealing vacancies are not advertised at all and professional recruiters are used by employers to target their staffing needs.
  2. Employers need a negotiator when handling sensitive matters such as salary and benefits. A recruitment agency can advise a client company who is wary of inflated costs and liabilities that come with an over-quoting candidate. It can also guide candidates who are not competent negotiators. Since a recruitment agency knows the local market and salary ranges, it is the best mediator between employer and candidate.
  3. Time and effort saved on the employers’ part. The whole process of recruitment takes time and uses up effort that employers can instead direct to business proper. A recruitment agency that can handle job vacancy creation to fulfillment is a big help to employers.
  4. Hiring a recruitment agency can cost less and produce faster quality results than going to advertising.
  5. For employers, hiring a recruitment agency conceals your recruitment activities from competitors.
  6. Through a recruitment agency, employers can easily fill staff to cover openings when regular employees take sick or holiday leaves.